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The Dream Fox

January 28, 2011
By Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I see him every night,
But only in my dreams,
His eyes glisten like water in the sun.
His legs are well built,
But his hip is cracked.
He is thin, and hungry
He comes to me,
Asking for food and help.
I give him food, but I cannot help him
I tell him this, and he limps away.
I watch him leave, whishing I could help him.

Today, I'm walking in the woods and I see him,
Limping, starving
He comes to me and lays at my feet
This little fox is lying by me, looking at me with hungry, pain filled eyes
I don't have food with me, so I pick him up and bring him to my house.
I make him a meal and set it on the floor
He eats, and then looks at me again, the hunger is gone but his painful look is still there.
I take him the vet and he says, "He can't be helped. He's too thin to survive a surgery. I'm sorry."
I watch him take the fox to the back.
So this is it? He has to die? That isn't fair!
I walked out of the building and cried.
I will never forget that little fox.

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