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Everything I see.

February 18, 2011
By TechieForLife GOLD, West St. Paul, Minnesota
TechieForLife GOLD, West St. Paul, Minnesota
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Live each day like it is the day you will be remembered.

Sturdy arms hug my waist,
Gentle fingers turn my face,
Turquoise eyes stare at me,
Smiling ever so beautifully.
A slender body held so tight,
Secrets buried in the sunlight.
Delicate lips so soft and sweet,
Hover over me, until mine they meet.
A sweet embrace of tender care,
Dreams are hidden everywhere.
Chocolate hair, streaked with gold
Next to her I wish to grow old
Kissing her I feel so right,
Our bodies melt into the night.
Mourning comes so gracefully,
She is everything I see.

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