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Why not?

March 14, 2011
By hellogirl GOLD, La Habra, California
hellogirl GOLD, La Habra, California
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You have a gift it's
inside of you shining
inside of your heart
waiting for you
to let it out.
You let the days
pass by a long with
the time you are just
sitting there like
a statue.
You know you wont
make your dreams come
true if you dont
take a crazy chance,
so why not believe in
yourself that there is
a way for your dreams,
and goals to come true
follow your heart?
it is crazy sometimes
how at times we close
ourselves from our minds,
and become frustruated
you are a jewel so please
why not choose to come
with me to the road
of greatness?

The author's comments:
"Sometimes there are times in our moments when we say we could, would, or should have about something that we wanted to do or accomplish at one point in our lives but we never got to because of someone or a problem that was stopping us from making it real.

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