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March 31, 2011
By gnihtlaicositna GOLD, Nova Scotia, Other
gnihtlaicositna GOLD, Nova Scotia, Other
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First, exploratory, exciting, and nervous.
Fumbling, young, freckled, and watched.
Bossy, uncomfortable, worried, and new.
Titillating, right, wrong, and exhibited.
Deep, sweet, delicious, and loving.
Curious, devastating, exciting, and of cannabis.
Casual, wasted, forgetful, and regretted.
Friendly, acceptable, fun, and arousing.
Funny, desirable, awkward, and a lost bet.
Erotic, swirling, hair-pulling, and exotic.
Rough, unexpected, hungry, and perfect.
Non-consensual, struggling, aggravated, and slobbery.
Clumsy, doomed, musical, and unlikely.

The author's comments:
Just a checklist to myself... trying to relive the all the first kisses I've had. Not very poetic, I know, but it helps me remember :)

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