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Will It End?

April 8, 2011
By JustADreamer95 PLATINUM, Fairfield, Ohio
JustADreamer95 PLATINUM, Fairfield, Ohio
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"If Love Conquers All Then Why Is The World In Constant Chaos?" -Me

Dreaming in my head of people I Love and miss, yet these dreams are Terrifying.
Tears fall from my eyes as Something lingers in the night, Darkness fills my home and creeps In my mind.
Why in my mind I ask is it I am Letting myself shatter like glass?
I think so much at night my mind Just won't shut off, so I cry and Plead when really I need to let go.
Let him go let the bird fly so I Can try again and rebuild the Ruins; all within I do but I need To fix up the outside too.
Lost in my mind the chaos rages, How do I control this?
So I run around screaming, crying, And looking for a way out; can I Escape this chaos and move on?
Sane yet insane, to find my balance I dream, sing, and write but I Can't guarantee it will make any sense.

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