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locked in

April 18, 2011
By mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
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I want to be done.
Want to want no more.
Done with these games done,
Done with your call.
The want to break free
Just be the man I once thought I knew.
Strapping me down and holding me tight.
Locked in and nowhere to go.
All I have left is the hope,
And will burns inside me,
The will to end this game.
Such a small flame burns.
Easily to be extinguished by
The desire.
How could I ever be strong enough.
How can I be so strong?
I don’t have the guts don’t have the will.
Where do I turn now.
I look for relief in all the wrong places.
Look for relief where it cannot be found.
Will someone please take my hand?
Walk me to safety,
Guide me to where I belong.
Someone save me I plead.
Someone come to my rescue.

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