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My Hate Lives!

April 22, 2011
By Halabella BRONZE, Longview, Texas
Halabella BRONZE, Longview, Texas
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\\\"Quote the raven nevermore . . .\\\"

My hate lives inside but also comes alive.
My dreams ride away but they live for another day.
My tears roll together to become a sea of pain.
My joys are masked but also hidden away, even away from me.
I cry because I hurt and hurt to get rid of the pain.
My pain makes me real and my hate is what helps me live.
Without my hate I cannot live.
I am me but they cannot see the child that lives inside.
They cannot see me for I am to far gone.
They only see the hatred they have for me, but they cannot see the child that lives inside.
Make me believe my heart is in the right place.
Feel my pain this is where I come from.
I am an unwanted child, a child born from hate.
And as this child I walk alone, and alone is me.
Now I say unto you my hate lives and it hides my love!

The author's comments:
This is the only way that I can express myself and some people can't understand this piece but if you can relate then leave me a comment and even if you don't have a opinion about this just let me know what you think!

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