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May 10, 2011
By dark_roses14 PLATINUM, Mazon, Illinois
dark_roses14 PLATINUM, Mazon, Illinois
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it was just like
any other day.
me and you
hanging out.
talking and laughing
having a good time.

but then i got an
idea. to start a
tickle fight.

i knew you were
ticklish on your
sides, so that's
where i aimed.

except you were
and faster than me.

you grabbed my
arms and wrapped
them around me
so my back was
to your front and
i couldn't move
my arms.

i went to look
up at your
cute baby face
to tell you
you cheated.

but i was at loss for
your bright baby
blues caught me
in a trance.

you looked at me
and i looked at you.
for what seemed
like hours we
stared at each other.

then your head started
to move towards mine

i had to stand on my
tippie-toes to raise
my head up.

and when our lips
met, it was like
an explosion.

you let go of my
arms and
turned me
so i was facing

your arms went
around my waist,
pulling me closer
to you.

my hands wove
into your curly
blonde locks.

minutes passed
and still we didn't
break apart.

neither of us had
felt so good
in so long
we didn't want
to stop.

but we did
and now we can't
be trusted

The author's comments:
this is basically my feelings and thoughts when me and my best guy friend had first kissed.

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