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My Lovely Demon

May 2, 2011
By Scorpio4Life BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Scorpio4Life BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Love and Lust: the two words so far in meaning yet commonly mistaken or inconceivable. The first flows freely from my heart while the second festers beneath my soul.
Born of sin, we all are, but I have prayed this particular sin from my being.
For the good of me, He prevents all that had unpurified, yet still I am left with this demon. As a clarification,
The demon and sin are not one in the same,
But both are spawns of temptation.
The demon lives and has lived for quite some time without recognition.
Only recently have you supplied it with enough ammunition to hinder my decisions.
Your sensual touch,
Although thoughtless,
Conveys intentions and arouses.
Your piercing stare,
Equipped with false coverings,
Breaks down the barrier of which the truth houses.
The demon inside is growing stronger and has begun taking over more of my senses
The more you provoke my lustful conscience through the closeness of your presence.

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