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The Dreamer

May 18, 2011
By niimabear GOLD, Wakaw, Other
niimabear GOLD, Wakaw, Other
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I don't have a favorite quote, but I do have a standard by which I live. That standard is to follow God's will for my life, knowing that only he can truely make me happy. I believe that God takes the bad in life, and uses it to bring goodness.

When I look up in the night sky and count my starry dreams
It’s been a growing practice of mine to stop dreaming before Failure finds me
An eternity of Dreamers have been nourished on little tastes-
The tiny nibbles allowed whenever I can face possible disgrace
One night when I beheld a Dreamer a small taste of dreaming joy
An intruder invaded my sacred place and defiled my dreaming time
While I alarmed and ran about, without a thought to do
The Dreamer collected the sneaky Failure and sent him back to where he’d been

Then the Dreamer turned my way and sat me down gently
He said my biggest Failure resided deep inside of me
He told me of a wonderful place where Dreamers lived their dreams
It was there that Failure simply died away, amongst dreams he couldn’t be
I watched the Dreamer talk this way, his eyes alive with passion
I wanted to reach my hand aloft and catch his desire in the passing
His glorious enactment of conditions so different from mine
Gave me the idea to save this feeling for another precious dreaming time

But then the Dreamer walked away, he said his time had come
He told me I had missed his dream, because that is what fear does
He said his speech was meant to show that dreaming was not just a dream
Dreaming, he said, was a wonderful thing- something everyone should see

The Dreamer kissed me on the brow, he knew I would be alright
He told me he had seen the future, tomorrow was going to be bright
Before he left he promised me a host of coming dreams
He made me swear to dream free, face Failure, and bask in possibility

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