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Feelings of War

May 20, 2011
By FallenAngel1 SILVER, Chula Vista, California
FallenAngel1 SILVER, Chula Vista, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Good Night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that i shall say good night till it be morrow."-Romeo and Juliet act II scene II, William Shakespeare
"What's In a name? That which we call a rosse by any other name would smell as sweet."-Romeo

It causes Death and Sorrow
It is DEATH cloaked in fighting and bloodshed
He walks passed soldiers’ dead bodies and carries their souls to his horrid home

You can see the fear and poignancy in peoples’ eyes when they hear the word WAR
Images flash through their minds of bloody soldiers seconds from death and the thought of a loved one involved in that chills them to their very core

Eyes once so filled with light and joy, now empty and lifeless
There are things that people should never witness
Once beautiful lands, towns and cities filled with joy
But later are desolate, ravaged and plagued with poverty and more death

Die for some things that are not worth it,
Money, Resources, supremacy and Borders
Even though a country or power won, there will be more countries, armies and ruler waiting in the wings to strike
Truces may keep them at bay but the flame will ignite and there will still be more bloodshed and yet another fight

If Only…..
If Only people could be pacifists, cease violence and suffering
Resolve matters without armies and without an artillery
That is just a dream, filling the minds of people who experienced it
It will stay a dream if people do not act and find a peaceful and mutual solution that everyone deems fit

Alas that is not the case
If history repeats itself then there will be many wars we will have to face
But let us hope that the new generation will break the mold and bring a reign of peace and equality

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