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The Pit

June 6, 2011
By Icekin10 GOLD, Highland, Utah
Icekin10 GOLD, Highland, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Charity is the pure love of Christ.

There were two muffins in an oven. One muffin remarked "It's getting hot in here!" The other muffin exclaimed, "WOAH! A talking muffin!"

One pure note
takes wing and
fills the room
expanding to endless bounds –
louder and broader.
Other notes stem from the core,
rushing, surging,
and breaking free.
Trills and resonating brass
mix with shifting strings
and vibrato.
Every possible note abounds –
the room a pot of boiling sound.
A spark ignites within me,
opening my eyes and
filling me.
I absorb the beautiful chaos,
obsessed with every nuance.
Soaking in the sound,
I close my eyes
and realize
I witnessed its inception.
The thrilling experience
plucks my senses,
magnifying the depth.
But before I climb to reflection,
a hush falls over the room.
The orchestra has not yet played;
it has only finished tuning.

The author's comments:
I love the sound of an orchestra tuning.

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