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June 15, 2011
By Maveric SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Maveric SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Life happens wat realy matters is what you do to get over the bad times

being told what to think
to be forced to pick sides in an ungodly battle
a devorcie some people call it but i know what it realy is
unending battles, pain, fighting
to be caught in the middle of this is to be in hell
do i take my moms side and hurt my father even though he was abusive
or do i take my fathers side and hurt my mother who had her problems but loves me
faced with this decision and all the fighting i go down to the lake
and take in the scenery and ask god what i should do
an all i get is a herd of deer feeding in the distance
angry at everyone i run deep into the woods to run away from the problems
as i go deeper and deeper in to the forest i keep getting flash backs of the times good and bad
i am paralized from the fear of making the wrong decision and the memories
i suddenly find my self in an open field calmed and relaxed
i finaly know what to do
god has given me a second chance and helped me find the truth
the right decision
i wake up in my bed only to find that it was all a dream
i get out of bed and go hug my mom and tell her i love her
she askes me what i want to do i tell her that i finaly know
im not afraid anymore i feel like i am finaly able to move on

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