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July 10, 2011
By PeaceAndLove2015 SILVER, Williamsburg, Ohio
PeaceAndLove2015 SILVER, Williamsburg, Ohio
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Storms a comin (its somthing i picked up from my family. we r werid like that. its amazing lol)

Should i be worried about you
Should i be scared of how u take this
Should i still be in love with you if you r to
Should i take the chance and ask you for forgiveness
Should i?

Could we still fine a way through
could we still fine love and hope with each other
Could we take the chance and hope we don't fall hard again
Could we talk bout each other more and learn new things or do we still need time
Could we?

Would you still love me if years passed
Would you still hurt after a year or decade
Would you believe me when i've said i made a mistake
would you want to be with me knowing i could still hurt you
would you?

what would you do if you found someone else
What will you do if i see you and run for you and beg forgiveness
What will you do if it kills me to thinkl of you in someone else's arms
What will you do if we find each other and still feel that spark of love together
What will you do?

Should i be hurt if you find love with someone else
Could we fine true happiness
Would you take me back if you still care
What will you do if i felt dead inside without you
Or should i not ask any of these Questions?

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my boyfriend before we got back together

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