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Breathing books

July 14, 2011
By iDragonfly SILVER, Blair, Minnesota
iDragonfly SILVER, Blair, Minnesota
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Oh how she loved to read!

Breathing the words of the books she read, worth more than all the gold in the world.

Her eyes flickering across the page like a fish through water. The fish taking in the water into its gills, like words from printer’s paper. Soaking the words deep in her mind and spirit.

She touched the words, the tingling sensation touching her bare arms and all the way down her back.

The bittersweet taste overwhelming her mouth like rice milk on a winter day or caramel added to the magical touch of words.

The smell, neither old nor new from the delicate paper bounded together, the aroma of emotion, the bravery or fear of the character being born as she read. It smelled sweet, suspenseful, and wise, driving its way through the books. Devouring every word across the page.

The words rolling off her tongue, pooling from her mind of the story. Gentle sometimes like the sound of a wind chime in the wind. But rough, fast, at other times making ones heart thump in anticipation, frantically and always begging for more,

and in this way, she turned the page…

The author's comments:
I am a Bibliophile

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