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July 27, 2011
By riley1516 PLATINUM, Lake Zurich, Illinois
riley1516 PLATINUM, Lake Zurich, Illinois
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Turn away from my ice cold eyes,
I'm challenging you without a reason besides,
The fact that I am threatened by you,
False confidence reverberates from my hollowed out heart,
You best move on,
Before you give me a reason to start,
Pouring out venom,
My words settle on my tongue like bittersweet poison,
I'm clinging to the little I have left,
So I can lash out at you.
I'm begging you to leave now,
I simply can't control myself,
Your eyes unleash the shadows you have kept inside for so long,
It is all my doing,
A sick twisted game,
The pleasure derived from bringing someone else down to my low level,
The guilt entering soon after,
Completely uninvited,
I slither back like a recoiled spring,
Shocked by the damage I have caused in just a single evening,
And as for my prey I surprisingly let them walk away unscathed,
On the outside,
But on the inside both our hearts feel the same weight.

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