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A Tale Sadly Spun

August 6, 2011
By Laura_Oliver GOLD, Manchester, Connecticut
Laura_Oliver GOLD, Manchester, Connecticut
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I was a bird
Flying free
Over every land
Beyond every sea
A sparrow
Small and sleek
No cumbersome limbs
To burden me

Then I was a gazelle
The one who is chased
My days have been
No longer gay
A hunter
Not to fall astray
From the hunted
With their deadly ballet

Then I was a mere housepet
Locked within the cage’s bounds
Sniffed out I was
With the noses of those bloodhounds
Sick of the imprisonment, I was
After a few rounds
Of mistreatment from my keepers
Of torture’s terrible sounds

Then I was a tiger
Full of adrenaline
The anger empowered me
Victory was mine
Blowing past the keepers
(An utter waste of my time)
My power overwhelming
The prison could only resign

Then I was a kiwi
A free but flightless bird
The thought my past was behind me
Truly was absurd
The hunters will find me again
If only I give word
Not for a time, not again
Will their minds be deterred

Then I was a turtle
My trot all to slow
I couldn’t hide
As I lay exposed
I only tucked my head away
How I shamed so!
To be caught again
By my greatest foe

Now I am a ghost
Fading away into the air
My heart was weakened
With my great despair
Now my shame
Is the sash that I wear
The marks of my failure
The only burden I bear

I ask you, my children
Do not be unwise!
The dangers of a free bird’s journeys
Lie in disguise
Your greatest enemy
Watches with one wary eye
Till you stumble into the trap
To be laid the same fate as I

The author's comments:
I decided I wanted to write a poem using a rhyme method, so I took out the Rhyming Dictionary and had a little fun with it! I hope you enjoy it, and try not to take it too seriously.

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Lexie96 GOLD said...
on Oct. 31 2011 at 6:08 am
Lexie96 GOLD, Havana, Illinois
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Now Cinderella don't you go to sleep, it's such a bitter form of refuge, oh don't you know the kingdom's under siege, and everbody needs you. - The Killers

This is pretty good and I really like the end and the idea. Check out my work sometime?

on Aug. 15 2011 at 2:49 pm
MissFaber SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing Less.

I love it. It's a creative, entertaining, light read. Good job with this poem :)