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August 7, 2011
By jaylw GOLD, Southgate, Michigan
jaylw GOLD, Southgate, Michigan
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Once upon a time there was a happy girl, with things going her way
Found that someone special, and couldn’t be happier,
Got expanses that were long overdue.
There were much needed chances that had to be done, and she did so.
Leading to a once again happy time.
She did all that he asked, and more, went over and beyond for you
Did nice things for you, loved you with all my heart, got smiles every time i see you, and is there for you every time you need her.
And what do i get in return? Blame, heartbreak, hurt, and loneness.
She can’t even get a thought across for you to listen, can’t prove her innocence.
And find out things that just hurt.
All she has left is mad, hurt, and broken heart.
Is it crazy to still want you? To still love you? To still want the real guy you are?
Is this all just a dream? Or am i just lost it?

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