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Who Is Louise Anyway?

August 17, 2011
By BreeTayler PLATINUM, Carlisle, Arkansas
BreeTayler PLATINUM, Carlisle, Arkansas
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Is she lanky and tall?

Or someone petite and small?

Are her jokes nice and clean?
Or are they dirty and mean?

Is she desperate for money?

Or does she rely on her honey?

Is she corny when she jokes?
Or is she rude when she mopes?

Does she wear glasses that are thick?

Or contacts that stick?

Does she hum while she eats?
Or does she smack to the beat?

Does she Google her name

Just to see who has the same?

Does she create movements to songs
Expecting everyone else to sing along?

Does she know every title of every station?

Does she hope to, one day, increase the words population?

Is she funny, embarrassed,

Happy, or sad?

Is she emotional, panicked,

Goofy, or mad?

Louise is her middle name,

Does she not go by her first?

I know others do,
Stealing away her glory to quench their thirst.

But no matter the time,

No matter the place,

She stops to pose with either a smile

Or an annoyed look on her face.

But, of course, she will not stop to pose for anything,
Excluding the word “Cheese!”

That is, unless, you call her by her real name…

The notorious Geez Louise.

The author's comments:
to my sister... :)

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