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It's the 21st Century's Fault

August 25, 2011
By LaBellaVie SILVER, Bethel, Connecticut
LaBellaVie SILVER, Bethel, Connecticut
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with every single letter and every single word, there will be a hidden message about a boy who loves a girl

What happened to old fashion romance?
The kind that made the girls’ heads spin and their stomachs ache,
The kind that made the boys’ cheeks blush and their hearts break,
The kind that made the mommas’ swoon, and the daddys’ try
The kind that truly lasted, no reason for goodbyes.

What happened to old fashion love?
Before we were so open, and tweeted all our thoughts
Before we went through our friends, and weren’t afraid of loss
Before we followed our heads, and didn’t listen to our hearts
Before we stopped courting, and couldn’t stand to be apart.

What happened to old fashion happiness?
When summer was so sweet, at home in Alabama state
When we drank cold beer, and laughed while swimming in the lake
When we would simply hold hands, as we danced by the fire
When we anticipated the night, so filled with desire.

My momma once told me the story of us,
And how we danced and laughed, ‘cause we were so much in love.
She told me how it used to be, and why it came to a halt,
And I can’t help but believe; it’s the 21st century’s fault.

The author's comments:
While some relish in the present, others mourn the past- wishing things were still as simple and lovely as they once were.

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