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Seconds Pass Us By

August 28, 2011
By KayleeRae PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
KayleeRae PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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The second that you say
Any word, my dear,
You chase away my pain and fury,
My sadness and my fear.

The second that you say
Hello, hi, or hey,
Just that simple greeting
Makes me act cliché.

But the second that you say goodbye,
A tear appears within my eye
Mascara I must reapply
My knees go weak, my throat goes dry
I must suppress a shaky sigh
Clouds appear up in the sky
Want to curl up and simply cry.
And since the world has turned to grey
My hurt I simply can’t allay
Mind in a state of disarray
Trying to find a way to say
The message I cannot convey:
I hurt whenever you’re away
So, for me, will you please stay?

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