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September 1, 2011
By Taylor(: GOLD, Perry, Kansas
Taylor(: GOLD, Perry, Kansas
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"live the life you love. love the life you live."--bob marleyy(:

And now I'll probably start to fade.

Out of your photographs.

Out of your life.

Out of your heart.

So many times I stood straight up,

choking on my heart.
It was such a massive lump

in my throat you see.

I lost the words I thought I knew.

I was going to say them.

I was going to.

I was.

Now I'm fading out.

Like the radio station while you drive

too far from the reception towers.

Like the color of your skin does

when winter calls for shades of gray.

Like how the high I used to get from

kissing your lips in my messy room

would only linger for a while.

I used to be picture perfect.

I used to be full color.

I used to be.

Now I'm nowhere near perfect.

Now I'm black and white.

Now I am.

I am fading out,

of the photograph that was supposed to be your future.

of the life you thought I belonged in.

of the heart of yours I claimed as mine.

Now I've faded out.

Now I've faded.


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