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First Day

August 30, 2011
By Meg-darling GOLD, Homewood, Illinois
Meg-darling GOLD, Homewood, Illinois
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It’s your first day
Your books are paid for
Everything’s in order
Are you ready for this?

The clock is ticking
Your first class in ten minutes
And your hands are shaking
It’s okay to be nervous

You’re homesick
Your heart is breaking
You’re all alone
The friends you are making
Don’t seem to feel the way you do

It’s the first day of your grown-up life
Around every corner is another surprise
Five tests in one week is just too much
But that’s just the way things are

You join a club just to meet someone
Your roommate is too busy for fun
But your time is now
So make the most of it

These are the days that you will never forget

People will come and go
Homework will pile up
You’ll lose track of time

But you’ll get your degree
And then you’ll be free
At least until you start your job . . .

And go for your master’s . . .

And then your Ph.D . . .

But you’ll remember that first day
Trying so hard to learn everyone’s name
Running to class so you wouldn’t be late
Those were the days

When everything was gen-ed math
Late-night trips and the food in the caf
Study breaks and crippling laughs
That’s the way things were

You’ll never forget
The people you met
The good times you had
In those four years of ups and downs

It’s okay to look back
Smile at the memories of that first day

The first day of your grown-up life
When loans were heavy and your future was bright
I guess that things turned out all right

It’s my first day
My books are paid for
Everything’s in order
I think I’m ready for this.

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