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August 23, 2011
By Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
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You are not now, what you will become.

Why cant I forget you?
Why cant I stop wanting you?
Why cant I stop talking to you?
Why cant I heal from the pain you cause me?
You are an infection that runs through my veins,
Crippling my already broken heart,
You are the poison; so sweet

That I cant help but lick from my lips,
I know in the end loving you will only bring me to my destruction,
But I can think of no sweeter way to meet the Reaper,
Than by the hand of your false affection.
Why did you chose me as the player in your game,
Why did you chose my heart to tear to pieces?
I wonder why all the time,
But most of all I wonder,
Why do I not want you to ever stop??

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