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Discretion Advised

September 9, 2011
By Steamer GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Steamer GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is so fragile, yet so dangerous." ---I said this in a dream I had

Sounds are suddenly all whispered
every particle of sound
slows, rewinds, and dissipates
into the smoky air.
Jack Johnson fills the small space
with his
smooth voice, his tongue taps
the roof of his mouth
slides between cracked lips
slow motion beats and
guitar strings twang
in a reverberation that
numb toes can recognize
slow motion music
swallows you whole and
you slide down the fuzzy
throat of self-awareness.
Eyes dry from the scent
obvious to the regular
Vines grow from the eye
socket towards the
iris, slowly, ever more
a ticking
time bomb threatens to
collapse the visible earth
But vision is too magnified
suddenly the vivid world
has become a 3D Pixar movie
and you flinch at every
The river beneath the car,
the road,
flows fluidly
You are the vessel
of human sanity
curious, tired and
needing more than
her feet bound
her waist cinched

the scent
the skunk
contaminates the air
and for you
there will be
no turning back

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