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September 28, 2011
By dreamer112 GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
dreamer112 GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
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You pass her in the halls
And your eyes meet briefly
You smile and wave
And greet her as she passes by
But you don’t see
You don’t see her smile as she climbs the stairs
You don’t see her wishing that she could tell you
Tell you what she thinks
(what she’s thought for a while)
Tell you that she’s saved almost every text
That you’ve sent her
Keeping them for a rainy day
Because you’re all that she needs
To make the sun come in
She could tell you everything she remembers:

You’re driving her home
The windows are down
The music’s turned up
Because you said you’d be “cool”

Do you remember that?

A brief hug that night
As she was leaving
And because it was from you
She’s blushing well past the end of the block
Replaying the moment...

She could tell you that she knows
You have a plan
But maybe she wants to be with you
Even if it doesn’t last
And she hopes
Maybe you’ll reconsider
Maybe she’ll find the courage
Maybe she’ll sing this poem
Like it’s a song
Walk up to you and say
Maybe this is a song
for you.

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