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Rejected by Infatuation that was Mistaken for Love

October 26, 2011
By book.junkie GOLD, Kingston, Other
book.junkie GOLD, Kingston, Other
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I look at him
Wondering if he notices,
My smile,the idle chit-chat,
That I'm always by his side,
I wonder if he knows
That I believe he's a angel
Sent from above,
I wonder if he sees me
Glancing at him,
Daydreaming dreams
Of times we'll spend together,
I wonder if he hears
My heart thumping loudly
As it skips a beat,
I wonder if he knows
That I've gone head over heels
For him...,
Him alone
I love you...,
I love you
I cried,
No longer being able
To hold it inside,
And he smiles
So slowly,
So sweetly,
So that it takes my breath away,
He kisses me ever so softly
Making me wanting to faint,
Then he whispers
Ever so lightly,
In my ear
Love, my sweet darling
Is never to be mistaken,
For Infatuation

The author's comments:
i wrote this because I'm tired of reading novels and watching movies where the girl says to the guy she loves him. for once in my life i would like to see this happen. where the viewer believes it will end happily ever after but then it takes a twist and someone in the relationship is crushed :) ;)

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