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Wrapped & Twisted

November 10, 2011
By Tigger13 BRONZE, Gallatin, Tennessee
Tigger13 BRONZE, Gallatin, Tennessee
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Isn't it great to have the one you always turn to betray you? Or all your friends turn their backs? My life is spiraling out of control. Down into depths unknown by many. That, my dear, is the place I call home. Is it bad I call these things normal? Is it wrong to want to leave this retched place? My life is going, and I welcome it greatly. My heart and mind are wrapped and twisted. Do I just let it happen? Do I try to stop it? What if I just let it go? Will it slowly kill me? I want to know my future. Is it horrid or excellent? Will I have a future? Or Die tomorrow? My heart and mind are completely wrapped and twisted. Can I go back to the days of play? Back to the playground, back to the swings? Can I get back to the days of love, the days of cooties, and the days gross bugs?! My mind since then has become Wrapped & Twisted. Wrapped & Twisted. Wrapped & Twisted.

The author's comments:
It;'s wrapped and twisted.

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