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A Modern Fairytale

November 3, 2011
By mixmatchedgirl SILVER, West Chester, Ohio
mixmatchedgirl SILVER, West Chester, Ohio
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Once upon a time, 
A young 7-year-old princess
Waited in her tower 
Day and night
For her prince to come
Like all the princes
In the fairy tales 
She reads 
Every night 
Before bed. 
She waited, 
Dreaming of a young boy
Dashed in royal colors. 
He never came. 
As she grew older, 
She learned of things 
She had never learned 
From reading 
Her fairy tales. 
She gave up 
On the one thing
She believed in. 
But one day, 
A cold dreary day,
She felt a tap
On her shoulder. 
She looked up, 
Expecting the librarian 
To tell her 
"five more minutes"
Like she always does. 
But there stood a boy. 
Looking dashing 
In royal colors.
His tenor voice
Rang out 
Through the
Silent library. 
"I'm sorry 
I was late."

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