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What Is Love?

November 4, 2011
By Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
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What is love what is that.
Every definition is so whack.
Love is how you want forever.
Love is something you'll feel never.
But isn't love how you want.
Not one thing but many things.
That many people lack.
Once you find the right one.
You don't know until its time.
Time for you to switch the game.
Time for you to lose some pain.
Much will you pay for this crime.
Love is nothing you want to lose.
But love is something you don't choose.
Its something you feel.
May not happen when your young.
Something that will seal the deal
Everyone shall find love
But different times for the same thing
And it may answer with a ring
But that's my thought on love

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