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Fear? Or Paranoia?

November 22, 2011
By Black_Crow SILVER, Johannesburg, Other
Black_Crow SILVER, Johannesburg, Other
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"Never take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive."-The Delgety Twins
"We never really grow up, we just learn how to act in public."

At 7 o'clock my alarm went off
It was time to get ready for church
It was part of my routine
So i got ready, looked in the mirror
I saw my black skirt flared on the top of my leggings

My orange halter neck top wrapped tight around my buzzomed pshych
Yet also flared at the bottom not to show my stomach fat
I looked good, and i knew it, but what i diodnt know
Was that today, my seemingly harmless buzzomed psych would get me into trouble
As usual i left thirty minutes early with a jacket in my hands
I got to church, walked around with nothing to do
After a beautifully cheerful teen church service, i started home
I was not but halfway when that tall abnormal man i always saw as dangerous was in front of me
He came towards me, but i didnt run
I knew he had thing for joung girls, but i didnt let that bother me
I kept walking as though nothing was out of the ordinary, until he stopped me
He was from my church, and had seen me before
Still he asked for my name
Thinking him to be harmless enough i told him and his face flushed with red
He fetched my hand as if to shake it, but i knew he wanted a diversion while staring at my pshyched buzzoms
I walked home agin as though my routine had not been interupted
When he began running after me
He was tall and seemed to be fatser but physics tells you that this isnt necesarilly the case
He kept running, so did i
I stopped when he stopped, and coild feel it
I could feel my breasts heaving heavily like loose mangoes in the back of a truck
He was running again, and so was i
I felt my knees weaken under me,my heart throb, but kept going
I did it, i got behing the gate and watched it as it closed behind me
I knew he was closed out
But i still had the uncontrollable fear, the undefinable anger
I was afraid the gates wouldnt hold
I was afraid of going to bed, of the next sunday
Afraid of who the next girl would be
And if they would be fast enough

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