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Black on paper

November 22, 2011
By Black_Crow SILVER, Johannesburg, Other
Black_Crow SILVER, Johannesburg, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Never take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive."-The Delgety Twins
"We never really grow up, we just learn how to act in public."

Glossy red lips, silky smooth legs

Long shiny hair, effortlessly rolling down her shoulders.

She is ready for a night out

Yet im still here stuck in front of my mirror

Trying to look the part, to look good enough.

I had laid out the perfect look this morning

Somehow, I can’t seem to find the right face or the perfect body

They just aren’t me then I guess

I always end up in the deep end of the pool

Somehow someone is always against me for doing I don’t know what

But I never care; at least I try not to

But never come out successful

I get so tired of seeing my face everyday

So much that I ended up breaking my mirror, thrice

Yet I still can’t get used to the eyes that stare back at me

With so much criticism in them

That I just break out into tears for no known reason

All I know is that im just not good enough

I never will be, never can be

My mamma used to tell me that in life

There are different types of people

The go-getters, the negatives, lazy bums, two faced witches

Then comes the b*tches, you just choose which one you fall in

I never thought that one day I

Would be the lucky one to have someone like him

But I am, and there ain’t no turning back, not now anyway.

I was so convinced that I was right,

That I was ugly that I didn’t even listen to my own parents,

Not that I would care what my dad thought,

All he does is destroy my self worth,

Well that is, what I still have in me anyway.

Then there is him, I thank God everyday

That he is there and he found it worth a while

To give the best present to the ugliest of the pack

That way it can turn into a beautiful swan, graceful as ever

I am thankful that there are people like me

Because without people like me,

We wouldn’t have the strong take NO crap b*tches,

And thus the world wouldn’t be very interesting now would it?

But then again, if there weren’t people like you,

I would be inking this sheet in vain,

With no one to read it, no one to know,

I would be engulfed by my own sorrows and happiness.

We all form a part of something big, all have a role.

Even the ugly duckling can make a difference,

He too can fall in love…

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