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We are not so different

December 1, 2011
By maraquette.koss SILVER, New City, New York
maraquette.koss SILVER, New City, New York
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We are not so different,
You and I.
We are not as different as you think.
We think the same way
Make the same connections.
Laugh at the same kinds of jokes
The twisted ones
That are kind of mean
But funny none the less.
You once told me that we are
“Opposites that attract”
You and I.
Is that because I’m a girl, and you’re a boy?
You’re used to just getting things.
A smile and a wink
You can have any girl here.
Daddy’s credit card in hand
Any shirt, any pair of shoes, any phone is yours.
A smile and a wink
You got me.
Or maybe I got you, it’s hard to tell.
I liked you for more than just those things.
I liked the person that you are.
Maybe that you were.
I say maybe
Because we don’t talk anymore,
I wouldn’t know if you have changed.
I never loved you.
Mostly I just wanted you.
Not to have forever, not to call when I got into a fight with whoever
But someone to physically feel good with.
To laugh at those off beat jokes we like so much.
There is a reason we didn’t tell people about us.
They wouldn’t understand how
Some like you and someone like me could want to be what we were.
But they also didn’t understand
That we are not so different,
You and I.
They saw me one way although that wasn’t really me
And they saw you the way you make people see you.
We are not so different
You and I.
We go through the motions
It’s easy to be what people expect you to be
And easier to embody a cliché.
Stay with your group, don’t mingle too much, don’t upset the balance.
I wish I knew how you felt.
Were we on the same page?
Are we on the same page now?
Closure is a finicky thing
It nibbles at me every once in a while.
What if this
What if that.
Why did every plan to rekindle whatever flame we had
Not work?
I guess life got in the way
But I’ll never really know for sure if that was it.
Or if we weren’t on the same page
And I was missing the signs.
The unanswered texts
Were you in the shower, in a no service area, visiting grandma?
Or did you just not bother to look at your phone and see that I said Hi.
No one but us has to know that I said Hi.
We are not so different
You and I.
We’ve both grown up and apart
We were not together for very long anyway.
If you could call it together.
I don’t think I will stop remembering you.
The fireworks, the feeling of something right.
The late night conversations
Falling asleep on each other.
Seeing you first period the next morning.
You told me day after day how you would never forget.
We are not so different,
You and I.
I can’t stop remembering
And you will never forget.

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