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December 10, 2011
By amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
amarie101 SILVER, West Union, West Virginia
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"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins. Spotlight on me and
I'm ready to break. I'm like a performer, the danceflloor is my stage. Better be ready, hope that you feel the same." -Britney Spears, Circus

I lay awake and am deep in thought
I see their faces and hear their names
People die...die from suicide
But yet...they are not sad...but happy
But then I see the truth behind it all
They were never happy and joyful
But sad and miserable

Life never seems to have meaning
People are sad and depressed
They are isolated and lonely
Pain is all they feel
And yet...they still live throgh the day
Until they end the only thing they have
And they feel at peace once again

I fear these things
For they affect a lot of people around me
But yet...I feel everyone is suicidal at one point
It's just the matter of what brings it out
And what finally makes them take the deed
And plan to take their own life

I fear of the word...suicide
For there are times I've felt this way
But now...I try to be the best I can be
At times...I get the feeling again
But soon I push it away and get back into the routine
And continue on with my life
And avoid the painful word...suicide

The author's comments:
I wrote this mainly in hope to reach out to people who feel this way. I know how it feels to be different and unwanted. But I also want to say that everything will get better. It took me awhile, but I've made friends that are the best friends I could ever have. They really care about me and I care about them. So you'll find friends too. But suicide is never always the answer. So just hang in there and don't give up. You're not as worthless as you think you are. ;)

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