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That i would kill for

December 11, 2011
By Eli_Conjunction PLATINUM, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
Eli_Conjunction PLATINUM, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
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That I would kill for is my brother getting hurt from someone else
Even like a little scratch I would kill them so they won't hurt any one else
I fight for my family and my friend my mom and dad and step mom and brother and cousins.
That I would kill for is my mom
Who ever touch my mother in a hurt full way and they does not won't to know what happened to there body parts
Like i said i fight for my family and they are always by my side
That i would kill for is my cousins
Even if the annoy me to death
If they get in a fight
I would jump in and show no mercy
Everybody needs family, family helps you through the hard times
But this what I do and always will do
Every holiday especially Halloween
This Halloween i am going for the kill
So have a good one and celebrate if you live long enough

The author's comments:
Happy Halloween

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