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January 4, 2012
By JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
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Several weeks later we’re back again
There and back again
The most cliché name in the book
I don’t like how this silly computer
Keeps on fixing all of my problems for me
I guess at least someone can
Though I think it looks better with
All the scars
I just can’t say the same about you

To me
You never looked better
As in the year I didn't see you
When my imagination could run wild
And all the fantasies
And tales I had to tell
Starred you

And you had never been so happy
As in the year you didn't see me
And everything you wanted
Was just like you imagined
And your every fantasy came true
When the tales you had to tell
Put stars in your eyes

And I could never ask for more.

The author's comments:
I decided to revisit and flesh out the poems from my work "Paragon." I ask you to read that as well, as it gets the original meaning better.

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