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January 4, 2012
By JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
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Maybe you did think of me that day.
February 7, 2011.
Maybe you thought of me and maybe
You smiled as you turned to him
And accepted an embrace

Maybe you thought of me
For better or for worse
Your thoughts turned
Like mine
To where we were
A year ago
Half that
And half again

Maybe you smiled for me
With some affection you barely found
Perhaps you kept some fond memory
Out of sight
Out of your mind

Just not mine

Maybe it's wishful thinking
On my part
Doubtfully on yours
You have all you ever wanted
And really
So do I.

It's funny how we didn't line up
Though we often lay together.
It's funny
How through him
I live
For you

Maybe you thought of me sometime
Maybe you never will.
I think enough for the both of us.
I hope you think so too.

The author's comments:
I decided to revisit and flesh out the poems from my work "Paragon." I ask you to read that as well, as it gets the original meaning better.

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