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Blue Skies

December 28, 2011
By SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
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In a culture of solitude,
Where we still discover,
That faithful blue sky
Lurking in the outskirts,
Playing with our eyes.
And yet not.
Blue skies always watching,
Always near,
So faithful,
Teasing and admiring,
Dancing and twirling.
A twinkle of a smile,
Where the sun should be.
Stare up,
There it is, that faithful blue sky
Staring right back.
Fluffy clouds like soft fuzzy,
Mustaches, tickling your nose.
Laughing, spinning,
Running, walking.
The wind chatters as
Birds sing and dance,
Swooping, flying,

The author's comments:
This was from a prompt online that a friend of mine found during writing club. The prompt was: use these three lines to make a poem, a culture of solitude, faithful blue sky, and where we still discover. I hope you like it! Its one of my non-depressing poems :)

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