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January 9, 2012
By ADD106 SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
ADD106 SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything"

On the ground
Knocked down
Nothing in my ears but that sound

Gunshots, car alarms
We’re all just up in arms
Can I just stay down, avoid further harm?

No, a child there
He has no parents, he’s scared
I tried to call to him, I cared

“Little boy!” I tried
The little boy only cried
I staggered to my feet, I sighed

I grabbed the boys hand
Ran across a torn land
To the cry of a disheveled man

“Andy! Andy!” I saw a tear
“I have your child, sir, here”
I told them run, the guns were near

I turned around, saw them took aim
I looked at the father and child run towards the flames
I heard the boy, he cried my name…

I look at my hands, at the bleeding palms
Then I saw the light; my mind went calm
And words passed by—a single psalm

The war ended, the killing ceased
I was at home, in heaven, at peace.

The author's comments:
I'm not sure where this came from to be honest. It just came to me one day.

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