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Dancing in a Burning Room

December 22, 2011
By kchy7 BRONZE, ParkHill, Oklahoma
kchy7 BRONZE, ParkHill, Oklahoma
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Fire is a beautiful thing.
The room is on fire.
Started from a cigarette butt and fueled by Mr. Daniels
Fire alarms are squalling above us.
We don’t seem to notice.
Here we are, dancing.
One two three one two three
The drapes catch, fabric burning.
The kitchen table crackles.
We smile at each other.
One two three one two three.

We dreamed of owning the world.
Standing beside each other through thick and thin.
But now, we just dance.
One two three one two three
Running away many of times but
Always finding our way back.
Getting out of this town was our ticket to freedom
Our ticket to being the people we were meant to be.
The candles in the living room melt to wax lakes.
One two three one two three.

Accidents happen to the people who stand in the shadows.
I was a solo dancer one day
Unsure of my dance partner on the moment of our recital
One two three one two three.
Shock hit our routine and we were lost
Only music filled in the gaps
One two three one two three.

You taught me the steps to this life.
A turn, a spin, standing on your feet at times.
I always followed your lead until, your lead led me to lead you.
I was in control.
One three two one three two
You couldn’t remember anything anymore
You couldn’t remember your name
You couldn’t remember… my name..
The dining China drips.
One three two one three two.

It was hard, to know that you wouldn’t be coming back to me
I’d never get to talk with you the same way again
You couldn’t remember the steps
and I’d never be able to dance with you again.
One three two one three two.
Deciding that this world was over when it wasn’t
You held my hand trying your best to follow my lead
But I could not lead you anywhere that was better for you
I tried, but my steps were off count and off beat and off without you
One two one three one two
The fire alarms are gone,
Only beams of our home remain
The orange and red flicker in your eyes
I’m happy for the final time in my life.
You speak my name, and you take the lead.
One two three one two three.
My dress is full of smoke and your hair is singed.
We will turn into ash soon.
We are slow dancing, slow dancing in our world together.
Teach me the steps again to a different dance
For now, let’s reminisce, do our old dance
Take it away
Up up and away
One two three one two three

The author's comments:
this is the first piece i have written since summer.. i'm a little rusty.(:

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DanielM SILVER said...
on Jun. 29 2012 at 11:09 pm
DanielM SILVER, Kent, Washington
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Nice poem. I really liked the end. I liked your emotions. Suggestion expand a little bit more or end with a hook?