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My Open Hand

January 12, 2012
By xSilent-Heartx SILVER, Kemp, Texas
xSilent-Heartx SILVER, Kemp, Texas
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Why do I try so hard, only to end up broken in the end?
Why do I give it my all, just to be torn down again?

And why in the he** should I keep wasting my time on someone like you
When you can't even remember my name?

I'll tell you now that I know what you've done to me.
And not once have you ever shown love to me.

All you ever gave me was this broken heart.
Sometimes I don't even know where to start.

What compelled you to act so;
Will the truth ever be made known?

Here I sit, waiting,
Despite all the pain in my soul,
I can't seem to let you go.

My heart was broken because of you.
You'll never notice; my heart's in two.

And you'll never realize that the life we shared was a lie.
But still, here I sit;

I'm waiting.
Will you ever be the man that I've been needing?

Will you never see that

The times I cried
The way that you lied
Our life that won't mend
It's gone in the end
Yet now I stand
With an open hand
Waiting for you
No matter what we went through
No matter how hurt I am
I wish you'd understand

That you'd fallen for me when my heart was at ease
And now here I stand as you grovel in the sand

I don't need you anymore
I've locked my heart's door

I threw away the key
So you could never see

That I don't love you anymore

I'll never let you take advantage;
I'm gonna go out and tell all my friends

So you'll never love another again
And I've taken back my open hand

So good luck to you and your sorry life
I'm never taking on anymore of your strife

You're all alone in this great wide world
And you'll never meet another girl

As long as it's here where I stand,
You'll never receive another open hand

The author's comments:
Obviously a poem of Heart-break. Wrote this in honor of my friends and my mother. I wish they had the strength to walk away in the beginning.

I may alter and make the transition from bad to pay-back longer, but it'll have to wait till I'm in the right mood. Else-wise it won't sound very nice, hahaha.


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