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January 19, 2012
By EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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I see faces in the sky
Faces on the ground
Faces on the wall
I could see them
Hear them all
I be walking
See there eyes
I could hear them speak
The faces on the corner
I hear voices on the street
Got me talking to the buildings
Convo with a sign
Telling me to Stop
Am I going out my mind?
I see faces on the floor
Faces on the door
Telling me to enter
But why you talking for?
And its way worse then before
I see faces in my school
Voices in my house
I can hear them in my room
I can hear them in my sleep
Whispers in my ear
Burning in my head
Wish they'd go and disappear
But they don't
And they won't
I see the faces wit my eyes closed
There eyes show
feels forever
Like the time slows
My mind goes
Back and fourth
In my eye holes
Hearing voices in my head
I wish my mind blows
My mind don't
My minds stone
I be trapped in the mental of my on dome
I see faces on the wall
Voices in my brain
Hands are held by chains
So I can not aid my pain
I see Faces on the ceiling
On the 4 sides of this room
Making it a tomb
And the voices I can't mute
So the voices just consume
What is left of what's my mental
All of my potential
Has been conquered by "The several"
Different levels
different pitch
Telling me to kill
Every name that's on there list

The author's comments:
I didnt really write much in the "About Me' on the site, mayb this would help

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butterfly123 said...
on Apr. 27 2012 at 1:27 am
butterfly123, Banglore, Other
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wow! literally blew my mind! you are an awesome poet :) i love the way it ends and also, your style of writing. the whole concept and theme of the poem is very good and you managed to maintain it  with a nice flow.  great work and please don't stop writing XD