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Touched the Sky

January 23, 2012
By vampiresrock GOLD, Cornish, New Hampshire
vampiresrock GOLD, Cornish, New Hampshire
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When life gives you oranges, make grape juice and sit back and let the world wounder how the hell you just did that.

From the day we first met, I knew I loved you.
There was no fear,
Not one tear.
Life was hard before
And I felt it would last forever more.
Then you came to me,
A light,
A sound,
A smell.
You lifted me off the ground and flew me high,
So high we touched the sky.

You were lost, just as I,
So lost you wanted to die.
I took your hand and helped you fly,
So high we touched the sky.
Your love showed,
It never slowed.
You felt how you never felt before.
I felt new,
I didn’t know what to do.

The look in your blue eyes,
Echoed mine.
Speed stopped,
So did time.
You said you’d love me forever,
And we touched the sky together.

The author's comments:
random feelings. hope you enjoy.

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