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January 25, 2012
By cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Make your move,
To determine your fate,
Take a chance,
Before it's too late.

I see him coming,
What do I do,
Pretend he's not there,
Or say I love you.

Spill the truth,
Keep the lies,
They see our destiny,
Through our hidden eyes.

He's getting closer,
My heart is debating,
To get the guts,
Or just keep waiting.

Now he's here,
And his arms slowly welcome me,
His arms around my waist,
Now I realize I can finally see.

I see that chance is made,
For people to take,
Without expecting anything,
Just something that's not fake.

So I slowly open my mouth,
And the words make their way out,
I... Love... You,
I said it without doubt.

He smiles so sincere,
And holds my hands,
Then laughs at me,
And simply stands.

So he drops my hands,
Takes his knife,
And cuts out my heart,
Taking away my life.

He walks away,
As I stood there drenched in blood,
Soaking through my clothes,
Creating within me a flood.

I drown inside,
This liquid so red,
What kept me alive,
Now leaves me there dead.

At the end,
Everyone dies,
And in my puddle of blood,
I still manage to cry.

This poison called love,
Who created it,
So enormous,
How did it fit?

Contaminated by it,
Took me to my grave,
Nothing to be done,
I couldn't be saved.

Meanwhile he breathes,
I'm in the afterlife,
Can't handle the guilt,
So it's suicide with a knife.

Stabbed numerous times,
Till he dropped to the ground,
Thinking it was fair,
Besides it would come around.

So he chose his own destiny,
Suicide for murder,
An exchange,
Where he chose to go further.

Now both in the afterlife,
We meet again,
He says I'm sorry,
But it didn't have to happen.

He's not forgiven,
It's too late,
But there's more going on,
In the beauty of fate.

Summoned by magic,
I wake in a bed,
I wonder who did it,
Or is it all in my head?

Back to the world,
All seems normal,
But for some reason,
I know it's abnormal.

I come to the mirror,
Who is the girl I see,
I'm in someone's body,
Because this isn't me!

S***, it's my best friend,
But why would she do this,
I walk to my grave,
And still I am missed.

There's so many people,
Crying for a soul who is still here,
I can't tell anyone,
Because the disbelief I fear.

Then at night when I slept,
I dreamed,
I saw my best friend,
In my body it seemed.

I ask why... and why,
Replying with an honest smile,
That's all,
Everyone only stays for a while.

Yet the magic can do so much,
The magic of friendship,
The magic of love,
Brought me back to grip.

To get a hold of life,
And be stronger than ever,
A card comes by mail,
Saying "Best friends forever"

Love is always enough,
It's the beauty of life,
It can undo things,
Like the consequence of a knife.

Love is ALWAYS enough....

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