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Dear mom

January 27, 2012
By BaileyBearXD SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
BaileyBearXD SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Dear Mom,
You have taught me a few things over the years, for example, don't trust any one.Stay away from drugs, things like that.Even though you screwed me over many times I learned to stay away from drugs and to value myself, from all the times you showed me the opposite.I learned how to take care of myself, from all the times you left me alone in the dark.

Finally I wanted to say that even though I don't know where you are or who your with that I forgive you.That was what I needed to realize in the 8 months that you have been gone, that you are out of my life and I need not let you effect me.I'm sorry for what i did but your past and future are not my fault no matter what you think because I am a strong young woman and I am no longer afraid of being loved.

The author's comments:
MY mother was not sound in her min and I needed to get this out so mom if you read this I forgive you.

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