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Fake Friend

February 2, 2012
By iluvbubbles SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
iluvbubbles SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Until I die I say farewell

Sometimes they forget she’s there,
Others know and just don’t care.
They just ignore her.
The black sheep girl, they think.
Who has a body with no soul?
Only pain
She was way below the social chain.
Until a girl whom no one understood came along,
She befriended her and taught her
How to enjoy colors, have fun, and to love.
But the girl stilled face her scars from the past
Unable to fix the pain her friend had faced.
She only helped her steer clear of suicide.
But it is said nothing good stays forever.
After having someone to talk to for so long
could not take the loneliness
Putting the rope around her neck
Neither girl existed now.

The author's comments:
I used to be this shy girl who no one understood. I unerstand how she felt.

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