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The Misery Meeting

January 22, 2012
By EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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Misery loves company
And man this room is crowded
Room of sad people that problems have united
Donning black clothes
Their skeletons out of their closets
The blood on their hands
The Regrets that fill their pockets
The Seniors in the corner are nagging bout there past
Criminals on the side keeping hidden behind masks
The widows sit down with the ACT of no remorse
As the fat people cry
As they wait for the next course
The lonely people weep
The Ugly people creep
The females speak to marines on how their partner cheats
Dreamers want to dream but they are not allowed to sleep
Cause the people who can't sing still think they have the beat
A man who has no teeth still yearns the taste of meat
As the blind man recalls the radiate sun as green
The deaf man was listening to the mute
As the mute was telling him of the difficulties of his commute
The man who plays the flute is trying not to give a toot as he plays a sad song how he fiddled on a roof
The skinny people puke
You got some kids like Luke
Kids who lost their fathers but some reasons were the nuke
The mental wish to be sane
yet they know they will still complain
The immigrants stay sad because the government will not aide
The rich people get paid
But there dreams have betrayed
Cause money can't buy happiness
So I guess they aren't made
And then it gets real late
The meeting starts to fade
The people who came to conversate
Get locked back in there cage
Some have real problems some of them don't
And some will find peace and the other ones won't
The Misery Meeting

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on Feb. 13 2012 at 3:35 pm
laurensoccer SILVER, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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I love this poem!!!!!! I loved how you described different groups of people and gave each person their own personality. The rhyming was a nice touch. Keep writing!!!! I would really appreciate it if you could check out some of my work sometime. Thanks.