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Im guessing You're Fine

February 7, 2012
By EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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I just hope that you be fine
Your always on my mind
We ain't talk a long time and its giving me some signs
That you doing fine without me
You really got me doubting
Wishing on a star
quarters in the well and fountain
I thought I was stronger then I was
I guess I wasn't
I thought I was stronger then I was
I guess I'm bluffing
I thought I was stronger then I was
I'm real nothing
Got me questioning my life
Is it really God I trust in?

Depressed lately
I really regressed lately
I'm really upset daily
I'm living a mess baby
I'm living clean
The fiend I used to be
Is all gone
You should see
The things that happen when you leave

Court summons on the 1st
Again the fifth
I get to see you only once and that is it
I hope that your ok
Even if I'm locked away
Just tell me you forgave
All the monster I became
I wouldn't blame you
I think I'd hate me to
You stook with me through obstacles
I never thought it plausible
But your love for me was true
But soon my time was due
Eventually I'd break
And this painting changed the hue
To a nice blue to gray
December after May
I'd never thought you say
" Yeah I need to get away"
Many accusations made
more then true
But Figments of my imagination tell me I ain't do it
And it got my looking clueless
Really foolish
For hurting everything
I never touched you
I'm abusive?

The faucet they gone down
I thought you would come now
I see that you met Kyle
I see that he makes you smile

I guess I'm happy for you

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