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Passing Through

February 8, 2012
By Marieweibel BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
Marieweibel BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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I dreamt of you last night though I had no right
I dreamt of your dull dusty brown eyes staring back at me with childlike mischief and gold
I dreamt of your stern face transformed by dimples in your cheeks
I dreamt of your mellow laughter becoming rich and robust

I dreamt of your solider form relaxed and existing no more
I dreamt of your heart beat thudding out a sing-song melody
I dreamt of your callused hand gentle on my blushing cheek
I dreamt of your warm sweet breath comforting on my face
And I dreamt of your lips being my perfect fit

I dreamt of your clean linen and slight tobacco smell
I dreamt of your sturdy gold arm wrapped around my slim waste
I dreamt of your perfectly scattered freckles
I dreamt of my pale fingers running through your short, soft, raven hair

I dreamt of you as though you were mine
I dreamt of you as though you knew me through and through
I dreamt of you and I standing under the stars of the night
I dreamt of your quiet whisper promising me you'd stay
And I dreamt that I wanted it to be that way

I dreamt of you
It was ever so brief a moment of sleep that brought about this scene
It was merely my mind giving way to a fantasy I think
But even still I feel a disappointment in it's lack of reality

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