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All the Ways To Say Goodbye

February 3, 2012
By kayla.huynh BRONZE, Bloomington, Illinois
kayla.huynh BRONZE, Bloomington, Illinois
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Goodbye pierces my veins
bleeding out memories of yesterday
it leaves a scar of hopeful wishes
and selfish prayers
Begging to forget the sins
that you never quite learned your lessons from

Goodbye is the plastic bag of commitments
that didn’t end the way you expected,
The boys that decided you weren’t good enough,
And a bracelet of promises with a broken chain
Hooking over and over again but never attaching

Goodbye ruins hello
and crushes it in jealousy
because it simply hates to see you smile

It sews shoestrings on the lower corners of your lips
and ties them together in a perfect bow
Dry, cracked skin on your downturned lips
Hello is a chapstick that heals them

Your story is still being written over and over again
Hoping the main character will be ‘hello’,
even though you know it’s all about the times you let go
Watching the same people leave
You’re an airplane destined for nowhere with no passengers aboard

So many ways to say goodbye,
So many times they watched you cry
Only a few times you remember
the last time someone meant

The author's comments:
For awhile, I could only find myself watching the people I cared about, leave. I soon found out that some people feel the same way as me.
There really are so many ways to say goodbye and only a few where there is a "hello" and a forever.
Finding the person that will stay forever is worth it. Never settle for less than you deserve.

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